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El equipo de negocios va a la fábrica para entrenar en la producción de puertas de acero


Recently, our business team embarked on a training journey to our factory to learn the process of making steel doors. The trip was geared towards educating our team members on the manufacturing process of steel doors and how we can improve our sales and customer service by having a deep understanding of our products, an essential component of our business.


Upon arrival at the factory, the team was welcomed by experienced engineers who were more than willing to share their expertise. They were taken on a guided tour of the plant, starting from the raw material storage area to the finished product section. During this tour, they were shown the various stages of steel door production, including cutting, welding, sanding, painting, and assembling.


The team was impressed by the level of automation in the factory, which allowed for increased productivity and efficiency. They also learned about the quality control measures in place to ensure that each door meets the required standards.


The engineers took the team through a practical session, where they got to operate some of the machinery used in the production process. This hands-on experience was invaluable as it helped the team to appreciate the complexities of steel door production.


In addition to the technical knowledge gained, the visit also provided an opportunity for the team to interact with the production staff and learn about their daily work routines. This interaction was crucial in fostering better communication and collaboration between the production team and the business team.


Overall, the visit was a huge success, and the team left the factory with a deeper understanding of steel door production. We would like to thank the production team at the factory for their hospitality and for sharing their expertise with us. We are now more confident in our ability to offer high-quality steel doors to our customers, and we look forward to applying our new knowledge to improve our business.

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